Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives Amazon FBA Courses 2020

What is in trend nowadays?Amazon FBA is undeniably booming the market right now. I think this will be in your knowledge and that is the reason you are here to read about the Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives Amazon FBA courses 2020.

Most of you will be well aware of ASM, the Amazing Selling Machine. As you know that AMAZING SELLING MACHINE is the leader in Amazon FBA training programs. But every program has its shortcomings, that’s why we felt the need to write this AMAZING SELLING MACHINE ALTERNATIVES AMAZON FBA COURSES 2020.

Amazon Selling Machine Alternatives

We can tell you with gratitude that Amazing Selling Machine is not your last option. There are further great training courses made available to you.

These alternatives are effortlessly placed to get you up, so that you can run a prosperous Amazon business. But you need to be very careful while choosing among the Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives Amazon FBA courses 2020.

As we know that we can get access to really awful stuff out there on the internet too. That’s why we need not to waste our valuable time and money in trying to categorize the good ones from the bad.

Precautionary Measures

  • Like any real business, this model does involve some upfront capital.
  • This will not be concluded as the right prospect for you, if you are looking to start up a business without any upfront expenditure.
  • Well, it doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to do this on a shoestring budget. But it will be a lot threatening for you.
  • Keep it in your mind that this is not a push-button opportunity. It requires your hard work to acquire this kind of business up and running.

What criteria stand best?

  • Do not focus merely on retail arbitrage strategies
  • The course must be made appropriate for US as well as non-US residents
  • Product owners must have an efficient Amazon FBA track record themselves.

Here are my preferences for exceptional Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives:

  • Marketplace SuperHeroes System v.2
  • Jim Cockrums’ Proven Amazon Course
  • E-Commerce Empire 2.0 (Startup Bros)

These three are my top amazing selling machine alternatives options for the famous Amazing Selling Machine Amazon FBA Courses 2020,  through which I have individually gone through and found worth mentioning.

Amazing Selling Machine is really a great training program but if you are looking for other courses that stand seriously as good as that. Then, the list I have provided you here discusses them in detail.

Now read one by one detailed description of all the 3 amazing selling machine alternatives. You can compare them and decide, which one is the best for you.

Marketplace SuperHeroes

market place super heroes

Program Specifics

Program/Course: MarketPlace SuperHeroes System v.2

Product Owners: Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers

Price of the product: $997 (or 12 x $97 option available)

Official page: MarketPlace SuperHeroes

I have used this FBA training and it was the time that turned my Amazon FBA business around.

I initially joined MPSH in mid-2017, since then the course has been frequently updated so that it remains entirely current and fit for a drive.

What factors appealed to me?

When I first signed up for my training with these guys, two things categorically appealed to me. These things are briefed below:

Product Selection Strategy: You will find that there is a pure technique for the selection of probable products. This is as well combined with the MPSH software for sifting those potential products from side to side to the best opportunities.

International Expansion: This is not a lot imparted on other Amazon courses that inclined to focus only on the United States market.

MPSH is the one that wants you to build your business for international expansion across the U.S., the United Kingdom, other European countries etc.

Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers who are the creators of this product say that they want to demonstrate to you how to construct a 5 – 7 figure global Amazon business. Then they are among the ones who mean their words completely.

Description of the MPSH Course

Ascertain the particular system that our community members use and have sold over

$33,434,000 and completed over 1,343,700 orders on 7 marketplaces with modest and low competition items.

What does this MPSH course include?

It basically contains two phases like:

1.       Core System Phase 1

2.       Core System Phase 2

What includes these phases of MPSH?

1.       Core System Phase 1:

Course expectations: You will get 7 Videos on what to anticipate from the course and make the most of what you acquire from it.

Research strategy: You will get hold of 9 Videos on research strategy and how to customize the MPSH product analysis tool.

Filter out product opportunities: 6 Videos will be given on how to further filter your best product opportunities.

Select your product opportunities: 5 Videos will demonstrate you on how to select your very best product opportunities.

Starting supplier search: 7 Videos will tell you how to choose your best product opportunity and starting supplier search.

Packaging and branding: 11 Videos will elaborate you on finding suppliers, negotiating, sample orders, packaging and branding.

2.       Core System Phase 2:

Business Structure & Seller Central: This will be your business and Amazon account.

Purchasing & Importing: That includes the whole process of purchasing and importing products.

FBA Road Map: This will entail FBA process mapped out.

Listing Optimization: This creates world-class product listings that convert.

Account Management: In this, you will get to know how to manage your new Amazon business.

International Expansion: This will tell you the ways to expand your Amazon business internationally.

Merits of Market Place Super Heroes

  • Training modules well settled the step-by-step process.
  • In order to form a successful Amazon FBA business, every aspect is very well covered.
  • In-depth training.
  • It is all-purpose; best for beginners, intermediates and for innovators as well.
  • A genuine and well defined USP.
  • Comprehensive training is also offered to you for selling on Amazon internationally
  • Owners are exceedingly engaged with their product.

Demerits of Market Place Super Heroes

  • Just a single one i.e., Facebook community is not on the go as it could be

The final verdict

This training includes everything you want to create a real thriving business from scratch.

Robert and Stephen have delivered the rock-solid content. It covers all the essential topics in great depth, showing that the creators are enormously knowledgeable.

Go through the course material accurately. Afterward, you will be capable enough to evade all of the probable pitfalls that frequently slow down new entrants into this market.

I believe this training to be the best alternative to ASM without any doubt. It is accessible at a much better price plus it has the added bonus of an option to pay over twelve months.

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course

proven amazon course

Program Specifics

Program/Course: Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course

Product Owner: Jim Cockrum

Price: $549 (or 6 x $97 option available)

Official page: Proven Amazon Course

A very famous alternative to the Amazing Selling Machine is the Proven Amazon Course. Jim has a long history associated with e-commerce. This course has been around since 2009 that’s why it’s certainly counted as one of the longest running courses.

You will find that there is a ton of detail for you inside the member’s area once you will join-up.

ASM at times is more systematized but Jim’s course isn’t bad either.

They are also available with a private Facebook page and forum support community as well.

The amalgamation of video tutorials and written material yields you from starting out to sourcing products, to private labeling and logistics.

The feature that appeals the most in this course is that it entails a precise section for international FBA.

As, a lot of courses are not made for the ones who are living outside of the U.S. or Canada, but this course does this one. That’s why they have a ton of prosperous international students.

  • Description of the Proven Amazon Course

No other Amazon strategy team in the world claims the #1 top selling toys on!

We’ve assisted numerous students and clients attain incredible rank on Amazon!

What does this PAC include?

Introduction: Includes the overview of the Amazon FBA

Videos: The course videos will help you get started Step-by-Step

Sources of inventory: You will discover out the places for virtually infinite sources of inventory

Brand build up: You will learn to construct your own brand of private label products

Dispatching of inventory: Get familiar with the techniques to simply dispatch your inventory in bulk at cheap prices

Inventory rate: How to charge your inventory higher than your competitors

Process customization: You will also provide the course to systematize the whole process.

Tracking business: Get to know how to track your business from anywhere and automate it as well.

Merits of Proven Amazon Course

  • The course is relatively price worthy.
  • You can acquire a 100% money back guarantee
  • Training material is kept up-to-date on a regular basis.
  • The course content is superlative for both newbies and intermediate
  • It entails a very active Facebook community
  • Great support is available through a forum.

Demerits of Proven Amazon Course

  • Well, the course material can be a bit confusing for a beginner
  • This course does not cover everything in-depth

The final verdict

Now if you have made your mind about starting a business selling products on Amazon. Then, in that case, the Proven Amazon Course is well worth discerning seriously about as an alternative to Amazing Selling Machine.

E-Commerce Empire (Startup Bros)

ecommerce empire 2020

Program Specifics

Program/Course:E-Commerce Empire 2.0

Product Owners:Will Mitchell and Kyle Eschenroeder


Official page: Startup Bros

I have a soft corner in my heart for these brothers because the first thing I ever declaim about Amazon FBA was written by them. But I hadn’t even heard of this business model before faltering upon their website a few years ago.

The Startup Bros Amazon course has been everywhere for a while now and it’s had a couple of name changes along the way.

E-Commerce Empire 2.0 is an ample update of the innovative course that comprises new training videos and a much more updated and user friendly interface for the member’s area.

Earlier to this upgrade, some people did seldom complain online about the sheer volume of content and that it wasn’t organized clearly enough.

3 C’s of E-Commerce Empire

The Startup Bros have designed their training around what they state to as the “3 Cs” that is Content, Community, Coaching.

Content: The ‘content’ entails eight modules and supporting information.

Community: ‘Community’ is focused around a very active and well run Facebook group with good management.

Coaching: Weekly webinars tick the ‘coaching’ box.

Description of the Proven Amazon Course

E-Commerce Empire is a cooperative training program with a world-class coaching community intended to take you by-the-hand and support you in constructing your own effective e-commerce business.

What does this E-Commerce Empire Member’s Site include?

Training: This course includes retail and online arbitrage training

Research Techniques: You will also get to know about the research methods and techniques

Negotiation templates: Database of Supplier Negotiation Templates & Swipes is also provided.

Promotion strategies: You will also learn about Product Validation and Promotion Strategies

Amazon Product Launch Formula: You will also get familiar with the Amazon product launch formula

Scaling up your business: You will get to know the ways to outsource and scaling of your


Live session recordings: Get recordings of Live Webinar Sessions

Alumni discounts: You can achieve 40+ Exclusive Alumni Discounts on Software & Services

If you join-up, you’ll also get the right of entry to experts over the community and weekly live webinars.

Merits of E-Commerce Empire

  • This course stands great for beginners
  • Full of life and experienced community
  • Good support is available

Demerits of E-Commerce Empire

  • This course is a bit pricey

The final verdict

A great benefit of the E-Commerce Empire over Amazing Selling Machine is that E-Commerce is made accessible for purchase at any time.

Amazing Selling Machine

amzing dot com

Although we are discussing here amazing selling machine alternatives but fact of the matter  is that amazing selling machine is still considered one of the best training programs which you can access at the Amazon space.

If you want a have an in depth knowledge before making a decision for the up-to-date knowledge you can read Amazing Selling Machine 12 launch 2020.

If you are ready to make it, then you must go for it.

Who puts a lot into the training?

None other than the course creators; Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback put their tiresome efforts into their long-running course. This is clearly shown in their ongoing quality of the training.

ASM Features
  • ASM works great.
  • Got updated on a regular basis.
  • You can also avail 6 month money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • To maintain the product’s quality, owners are sincerely working on it.

Cons of ASM

  • It is not accessible throughout the whole year but it’s merely open to fresh members a couple of times in a year
  • The cost of the training is pretty heavy that is $4,997 for ASM XI

So are you thinking that there will come any decrease in the price of Amazing Selling Machine anytime soon? Are the holders going to give consent to newcomers on a permanent basis?

Well, sorry to say, the observation is very improbable on both counts!

Why would the creators do this? When they do open the doors twice a year to the newest version of the ASM course, they tend to be oversubscribed.

Everyone is not happy with this fact because the price is just too high for a few people. But some people wait for it happily, because they need to crack on with the high price on their Amazon FBA business right now.


The three training courses of my preference are pretty clear to you now. But that doesn’t mean it has to be yours too.

These three courses are really awesome and are tracked by people who equally know what they’re talking about and they do care about your success.

My favorite Amazing Selling Machine alternatives course should be down to a few things.


  • The training should be extremely Clearly Structured
  • The training should be In-Depth
  • Facebook Community is a must where the product owner’s answer questions themselves on a regular basis.

With all my uprightness, if you come at this with the right approach, expecting to have to put genuine work in, any of the above three can provide you the knowledge that you want in order to fast track your success, but once again want you to read ASM 12 Review before making a decision.

I hope that you have found this round-up of Amazing Selling Machine alternatives supportive to reach a better decision for your success.

Have you given an attempt to any one of these courses?

In this AMAZING SELLING MACHINE ALTERNATIVES AMAZON FBA COURSES 2020 article, we have tried to summarize the details of these programs very carefully and honestly.

Do you really discern something significant about these courses that you’d like to share? If yes, then do share with us as it would be great to hear from you.

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