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Amazing Selling Machine 12 (ASM 12) Review : My 10k Real Bonus

Amazing Selling Machine 12 Review June 2020

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Hey, Folks, Thanks for stopping by to check out my Amazing Selling Machine 11 Review 2020!

I am going to give my own personal views about the amazing selling machine, that is just for those who want to learn more about this program and feel reluctant to get registered.

People around the world connected with the Amazon FBA business and generating good revenue on a monthly and annual basis. 

But before starting with this, a person needs to have proper guidance and knowledge about how to start from scratch to the long term success with this setup.

Here we have amazing selling machine, it’s an outstanding learning and business-building opportunity for the new entrant.

It’s a continuously modified and ever improving platform that provides an opportunity to learn how to start up with Amazon FBA and build a venture to ensure 100% growth and success rate which is a dream of a new and inexperience business man lacks a lot.

As you know, In the year 2019, Amazon generated about $87.4 billion revenue only in 4th quarter. According to some new research by the team over at Amazing, Inc., this year Amazon will likely hit nearly $170 billion in revenue. That’s over 1,100% growth over the past 12 years (and Amazon keeps growing like this, year-after-year). You can take complete study of the Amazon Revenue from 2006 to 2019 here.

Before starting I just want to ensure that the review is purely based on my personal understanding and what I have actually gained from this program and I never gave my opinion until I experience it.

I personally look into this program and found that there are a number of people out there who are an active part or member of amazing selling machine and get bulks of benefits out of its use.

My Personal journey with ASM

I am running a successful Amazon business from the last several years, apparently I did not need to use ASM program.

But I had heard so much about this program which made me curious about it to find out what it is all about? and how people got success to just enroll with the course and with its application. 

As well as I consider it as a source of learning that may give an opportunity to add something new that play a role in further growth and development for my business.

After a long process of thinking, consulting and brainstorming I just decided to enroll myself in Amazing selling machine newly updated program.

I was actually instantly impressed by looking at the course outline, mentors and the symmetry of provided information. 

It includes every single and minor information about Amazon FBA business which is necessary for a new one who wants to just start with selling on Amazon.

The most interesting and useful feature and business growth tactic I utilize for my business is relating to getting sponsor ads for the promotion and advertisement. 

As well as making detailed vendors or suppliers list. Furthermore, ASM community is experienced and professional that they provide guidance in a uniform way. 

As well as registered members also help each other if any problem is faced by any new or old member of the community.

I spent almost around $60k for the sponsor ads and within a year there is an incredible change with the rate of return of that investment, which I earned back in shape of ‘rise in sales volume and customer building’.

In my perception and as per my experience, amazing selling machine is an outstanding and incredible opportunity. Most importantly becoming a part of an online ASM community will always be helpful. 

You will be able to receive guidance, tips as well as get to know about the success stories of good Amazon sellers, who are making good revenues.

ASM is no doubt amazing 

The popularity of the ASM program is increasing day by day, it changed many lives around the world. There are multiple successful and progressive stories available regarding the amazing selling machine. It provides the fastest growth rate and helps to build best-selling enterprises on Amazon.

People just like us are building incredible businesses from scratch with Amazon. For example, one guy named Brandon C. has built a $5 million per year business with Amazon from home while battling a chronic pain syndrome!

There are more than 30,000 members registered with the ASM program from around the world. That does not mean that a person is having experience or knowledge about the things or he or she is a new one. This is an advanced and professional program that provides knowledge about selling on Amazon from scratch. The proper implementation of the course will guarantee 100%  growth and future outcomes.

A member Elena Joe just started with the ASM program a year back, here what she says about her experience:

I am an ordinary house working women, I want to come up with something that I can manage and earn money out of it by staying at my home. I have two children, parallel to that I have to look after my house and other domestic things. I was interested to make money by selling a product online especially through the Amazon platform. But my major concern was I do not have any experience as well as do not know how to get started and make money. I search a lot about this, saw many tutorials, videos, and other stuff but did not get satisfactory outcomes. Then I just randomly hear about the amazing selling machine and its Amazon FBA business program success stories. I was decided to get a start with this. Results are unbelievable that now I am running a successful business with a monthly revenue of around $10K or more. 

I would suggest ASM to all who are new in the field of online selling and really want to get results.

Another successful member Ben Clark, hear what he has to say about his ASM experience:

Amazing selling machine is no doubt an amazing and outstanding course that change my life completely. I was running an Amazon selling business for one and a half years. I know how to engage clients and how to go well with selling things online. But my journey with ASM change my revenue status and boost the returns. I learn how to use the sponsor ads that make things more easy and convenient. As well as provide an opportunity to directly drop the information about your product to your customer’s inbox. My experience with an amazing selling machine gives me the opportunity to earn more than 70% successful return.

Kim Paul has some awesome words for the program:

The program gives an opportunity to interact with the other members of the course within the community. They help each other by sharing views, experiences, information, and guide in case of any problem or issue. Theyare more than helpful just as like mentor who are operating and instructing about the procedure. And most interesting and amazing thing about this program is that it starts from scratch and provide assistance step by step regarding building successful online selling business.

From member Sarah Walker:

After completing my degree, I just started dealing with clients and providing them services regarding event management and organization services. It was very hectic for me to move out from one client to another and then to the next. I want a setup that can operate by sitting just on the laptop and clients to approach me directly. One of my friends suggested to me about amazing selling machine. Firstly, I had concerns that how it would guarantee successful performance and revenue. After long thought, I decided to take a chance and get myself enrolled with a new and advanced ASM program. I am surprised by the results and outcomes within just 4 months from the day I just started with this. Right now I am at the average revenue generation of $15k monthly.

I would recommend it to others as well who are looking for the solution to continue their profession and business by setting on just a laptop. Mentors or instructors are amazing and they provide a step to step guide about the startup and helps to take it to the next level of growth and development. As well as the member’s community share their experiences that play an important role as well as motivation to get one. You will be able to build your own supplier or client contact list with the help of ASM and utilize it for further product promotion and brand endorsement as well. 

James Mark another member of ASM, hear what he has to share regarding his experience with a course:

I am running a successful selling business with Amazon for last 2 years. Apparently I really do not need any course of guidance but I heard a lot about amazing selling machine and success stories associated with the course. This makes me motivated to continue and have a try to join the community. 4 months back I enrolled myself in the latest version of the course and start taking online classes. I must say it is a comprehensive step by step instruction that is really helpful for a new startup. I learn about sponsor ads and apply this for my business advertisement and promotion and within months gets the revenue of almost $50 million

One of a person name James walker builds a venture of $5 million on an annual basis. And he did this with just sitting in front of a computer at his home with Amazon. Amazing selling machine is an organized and professional program through which it is quite easy to build your own suppliers and contacts and even know well about what to sell through Amazon to generate profits in the long run.

Mickle Macron is a new entrepreneur a few months back he wanted to start up his own venture but failed to evaluate how to start. Without experience and market knowledge it is quite impossible to stand out in the competition and get success. Then he heard about the ASM program and after long research decided to get enrolled. After joining the program and learning about the opportunities he started selling shoes on Amazon. Induration of only six months, he is at a stage now where he is able to get the $5 million returns out of a successful venture.

There are multiple such examples that are there who get the course and its successful application gave them success with the selling products online.

ASM has changed the lives of a large number of people who were clueless to find a way to succeed. With over 27,000 members from over 120 countries, Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is one of the best online business training programs ever created!

ASM helps you build your own successful brand leveraging the massive power of Amazon as fast as possible – even if you have zero experience. This program is still at the top and changing thousands of people’s lives, but don’t take our word for it and hear what our amazing members are saying about it.

Highlighted Video Testimonials


*Based on self-reported figures from ASM members who joined between 2013-2016 and complete a survey, those members that finished all steps of the program and launched a new brand with ASM had a median annual review of $60750. These member’s results may not be typical, and consumers may make little or no profit.

Highlighted Testimonials

Highlighted Sales Results


About the Course Content

The latest available course is consisting of 8 modules that are divided into 132 online or video-based lessons.

You can break down the lessons into small content to understand and absorb it well. Parallel the coaches offers the live call sessions to give the answers regarding the questions and queries at the end of every session.

The content is delivered with the help of slides presentations and demo sharing. You can interact with the ASM community and other groups where people and instructor both are available and highly co-operative to deal the questions and queries.

Now here’s the really important part (pay close attention):

This first video is going to be unbelievable. You’ll learn how to find the hottest products to sell, how to get​ started selling on Amazon, And they’re even GIVING YOU a list of 100 products you can sell right now (they’ve literally just picked these opportunities and are giving them to you rather than selling them themselves).

  • Brand New 8-Week Online Web Class ($9,997 Value)
  • Access the Private ASM Mentor Program ($4,997 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to the Private and Exclusive Members Community ($1,997 Value)
  • Upgraded Private Resource Vault ($9,997 Value)
  • Special Bonus #1 ($1,597 Value)
  • Special Bonus #2 ($997 Value)
  • Special Bonus #3 ($797 Value)

These three bonuses will be free for the coming new members who got registered with the new and upgraded program of amazing selling machine.

Launch Schedule

Alright, so now that you’re excited and ready to get started, here are the details for the ASM 11 launch:

Launch Dates: October 2019

The launching schedule will be announced soon for you regarding the upcoming new version ASM 11.

If you are really interested to get the one, then locate the best and reliable option or just drop a message here. You can sign up to get yourself registered with the click and provide the respective details regarding name of the member, contact information and other necessary information.

Final words!

Amazing selling machine is getting popular among all other courses available online. It provides a comprehensive and step by step information regarding selling products online. For the new person who wants to get started and earn revenue, it’s a good and feasible option. The instructor has the market knowledge and exposure that gives complete insight into the Amazon FBA. It provides guaranteed revenue on selling products on Amazon. There are multiple successful members who share their stories and testimonials, who have used the program in the real world and got great success out of this program. If you want to setup your own selling brand, then enroll yourself now with the latest “Amazon Amazing Selling Machine 11”.

And I offer you an ADDITIONAL $2,500 Buy Back Guarantee on TOP of theirs!

“You’d have to TRY Hard ‘to not make money’ with a ‘success bonus package’ like this. Its a challenge.”


Sign up right now by clicking the Add to Cart button below. All you have to do then is EMAIL ME with your receipt # and full name, and we’ll get you started!

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