Amazon Seller Conference 2021 – SellerCon Virtual 2021

The world of Amazon is always changing. In year 2020, Amazon sales are predicted to exceed $300 billion. To stay ahead, you need the latest strategies, tactics, and resources used by top Amazon sellers around the world. 

We are going to cover salient features of an upcoming event ‘Amazon Seller Conference 2020 -SellerCon 2020 Austin, TX ‘, which can be vital role for the new entrepreneurs to develop their strategies to follow the successful models of those who have already succeeded.

What to Expect From the Amazon Seller Conference

Over the past 6 years, over 15,000 Amazon sellers from around the world have joined us live to learn how to scale their brands.

In 2019, thousands will join us in Las Vegas, Nevada to discover what’s working now on Amazon, what’s changed, and how to build a thriving global brand. Now it’s your turn.

If you own your own brand of physical products and want to sell more on Amazon, you’re in the right place. Join us live at SellerCon!

SellerCon 2020 // July 16-18, 2020 // Austin, TX The Secret to Selling More on Amazon
SellerCon 2020: The Largest Amazon Seller Event of the Year

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback,’s Co-Founders, and Mike McClary and Rich Henderson, Amazing Selling Machine co-creators, are the ceremony masters for SellerCon events.

SellerCon is filled with speakers and sessions designed for sellers seeking strategies to grow their Amazon business. During sessions, attendees gain insight into effective problem solving maneuvers and strategies that are currently working on Amazon. 

Each session is accompanied by a recording and operating procedure that outlines how to implement strategies.

Speakers use their time to discuss their business and provide motivation and organizational techniques. They craft their presentations to make sure that all attendees understand the topics covered, regardless of their skill level. Speakers with selling success provide step-by-step process information on how sellers can achieve their goals.

Each session and speaker provides advanced seller strategies that deliver the specific processes hosts and speakers use to achieve Amazon business success, road map to success that serve as guidelines in implementing strategies and tailoring them to varying business needs, and a network of suppliers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs that can aid in business success.

In between speakers and sessions, there are a variety of activities attendees can take part in to continue their networking and growth. SellerCon provides the opportunity to network during happy hours, general assemblies, catered lunches, income level based meetups, and even while hanging out in the hotel lobby. 

Sellers who choose to stay at the Hilton Resort Orlando during the three day event will have access to secret networking opportunities. 


SellerCon 2020 The Largest Amazon Seller Event of the Year

“Seeing all these people so excited and stoked and believing in it, and seeing all the results has really helped us grow confidence in what we’re doing, and we have somewhere to ask our questions and it’s been really fantastic.”

Carson Fackler, California.

Ecommerce, Business, and Marketing Experts Joining Us Live

The speakers selected each year for SellerCon are subject matter experts who share their stories, experiences, and business strategies and value tips for achieving success in respective markets on Amazon. The convention speakers include:

Matt Clark

Matt Clark is the Chairman and Co-Founder of, a serial entrepreneur, and investor. He co-created the Amazing Selling Machine course because he wanted to help others start and grow a successful business to create freedom in their life. Since 2012, he’s coached thousands of students to start their own brands selling products on Amazon. He’s been featured on Forbes, CNBC, and

Jason Katzenback

Jason Katzenback is the CEO and Co-Founder of Jason is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, who since 2005 has generated over $120 million in sales in his own companies and has coached, mentored and taught tens of thousands of students on how to successfully create and run their own businesses.

Mike McClary

Mike McClary is Chief Product Officer at and the co-creator of the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course. ASM has helped thousands of entrepreneurs build profitable businesses selling products on Amazon. Mike has sold millions of dollars of his own products on Amazon through multiple successful businesses. He loves teaching entrepreneurs how to exceed to their highest potential.

Rich Henderson

Rich Henderson is the co-creator and Chief Mentor of the Amazing Selling Machine course. He has over 10 years of online marketing experience running multiple successful eCommerce businesses. His greatest passion is giving back to the entrepreneurship community.

Ezra Firestone

Founder & CEO of Smart Marketer, Zipify Apps, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. Ezra has been recognized by Shopify and Entrepreneur Magazine as a leading ecommerce expert and a refreshing voice in the entrepreneurial community. He has founded multiple 7- and 8-figure brands and shares his personal and professional insights through Smart Marketer and Zipify Apps.

Ryan Moran

Founder of and the host of the One Percent Podcast. Started with ASM1 and has totaled 8-figures in profit - not revenue! His talks have been viewed on YouTube over 2 million times and helped thousands of people build seven-figure businesses.

Dan Ashburn

Dan Ashburn and his industry-leading team are responsible for delivering 8-figures in annual sales on Amazon. Operating in online marketing for 17 years, he is an international speaker, advisor, co-founder of SellerEvents, co-founder of Titan Network, head mentor on China Magic and more recently the co-creator of ASM.

Gary Nealon

Gary Nealon has been on the Inc. 5000 list the past seven years, the Philly 100 fastest growing companies five years in a row, and the Smart CEO Future 50 for four years. He built one of the largest online e-commerce companies in the kitchen niche, and sold it last year. Gary is e-commerce expert and serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping you scale your e-commerce business and maximizing your profits.

Tomer Rabinovich​

Tomer Rabinovich grew a successful Amazon business three years ago with zero background in online sales, thanks to his unique ability to simplify complex tasks. For the past 2 years, Tomer has been focusing 100% of his time on his Amazon business while developing his own tactics and strategies. He’s since become one of the most sought-after speakers in the industry and consults Amazon sellers all over the world. Learn proven, actionable tactics from Tomer to elevate your own business.

Kirsty Verity

Kirsty Verity is the CEO and Co-Founder of REAL Coaching for Amazon Sellers. Kirsty changed her life from Corporate Marketing Director to Entrepreneur with ASM1. Since running her own 7-figure a year Amazon business, she co-founded REAL Coaching. A company dedicated to coaching Amazon Sellers to develop the right strategies to achieve their freedom goals. Discover the latest strategies from Kirsty to minimize overhead costs, make more sales, and increase your profit margins.

Cherie Yvette

Cherie Yvette is the founder of The Urban Cowgirl, a company devoted to providing entrepreneurs with an advertising playbook to win in competitive markets. She earned a reputation as a top expert in pay-per-click advertising in the early days of Google Adwords, and in 2016, she pivoted to focus solely on Amazon Advertising. Crank up the traffic to your site and beat your competition with winning pay-per-click strategies developed by Cherie exclusively for top Amazon sellers.

Manol Georgiev

Manol Georgiev is a top-level media buyer and expert in customer acquisition for eCommerce. Manol has personally managed over $50,000,000 in profitable ad spend on Facebook and Instagram for multiple Fortune 100 eCommerce brands.

Drew Sanocki

Drew Sanocki is a serial entrepreneur, marketing leader, and most recently the CEO of, a nine-figure accessories retailer. Drew also runs, an advisory and implementation firm that specializes in digital acquisition and retention strategies to propel your brand forward. He previously ran marketing at 8-figure, where he helped to take them from bankruptcy to profitability in under ten months; and he helped scale to a $20MM company. Drew is an expert in digital private equity: buying, operating, and selling digital businesses, and is your resource to accelerate your growth.

Shakil Prasla

Shakil Prasla is the founder and investor of Pro Click Ventures, a company that invests in family-owned eCommerce and tech services brands. Pro Click Ventures uses extensive online retail experience and digital marketing expertise to give portfolio companies the best possible platform for growth. Shakil manages a team responsible for acquisitions, digital marketing, web development, product sourcing, operations, and financial analysis. Find out what is needed to future-proof and sell your business for your biggest payday yet.

Chris Rawlings

Chris Rawlings is the founder of Judolaunch, a platform that enables Amazon sellers to launch new products and increase sales for existing products in every major market. Chris founded Judolaunch based on his experience bootstrapping his previous business, a successful $1.4 million online health brand that used Amazon as a major sales channel. Prior to Judolaunch, Chris worked in solar project development where, among other things, he crafted the marketing campaign that directly led to an $8 million solar project. Find out everything you need to know to have a successful product launch with Chris.

CJ Rosenbaum

CJ Rosenbaum is the founder of, a firm that specializes in protecting and representing Amazon sellers. Additionally, CJ teaches sellers how to avoid suspensions, how to write their own plans of action, how to avoid intellectual property right issues, and how to build their own brands. If your Amazon selling account has been suspended, you’ve lost a listing, been accused of violating someone’s intellectual property rights, or you are developing your own private label brand, contact CJ.

Michele Venton

Michele Venton is the Founder of GirlZone, an 8-figure brand that sells predominantly on Amazon across multiple marketplaces and its own e-commerce platform. She manages everything from brand building and product development to sales and marketing. Michele is an expert in using Amazon Messenger Bot to scale brands and created on online course called “Amazon Messenger Fundamentals” to teach others to do the same.

Justin Dyson

Justin Dyson, a 7-figure brand on Amazon which he runs entirely from home with his wife Channing. Justin first started on Amazon selling cell phone cases, which failed miserably. He then found success selling baby products anticipating the birth of his second child, and scaled his brand to about $500k a month. Justin is a Titan Network Leader who coaches Amazon sellers trying to scale their business and provides the tools needed to do so.

Aaron Cordovez

Aaron Cordovez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Samurai Seller, an advertising tool that helps Amazon sellers succeed. Using his extensive experience in private label products and software engineering, Aaron and his team build tools to help you find competitions keywords that will help you sell products even before you have reviews.

Brett Curry

Brett Curry is the CEO of OMG Commerce, an advertising agency that specializes in Amazon, Google, YouTube, and Bing. Brett is an eCommerce strategist, a highly sought-after speaker, and an entrepreneur. His passion is helping eCommerce companies grow their businesses through creative marketing efforts. Brett is the author of the “Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping” published by Shopify and the creator of the “Smart Google and YouTube Traffic Course” in partnership with Ezra Firestone. He is also the host of eCommerce Evolution - a podcast centered on accelerating eCommerce fanatics’ understanding and growth.

Kian Golzari

Kian Golzari is one of the world’s leading sourcing experts who has personally visited over 500 factories and sourced over 2,500 products. Kian manufactures for brands such as the NBA, United Nations, and the Olympics as well as big-box retailers and Amazon sellers. Kian specializes in product design, development, manufacturing best practices, how to find the right supplier, price negotiation, and much more!

Who Should Attend?

  • If you sell on Amazon or work for a company that sells on Amazon, then you need to attend SellerCon.
  • You’ll learn the latest and best strategies for growing your sales on this fast-changing platform.
Amazon Sellers
  • How to perfectly optimize your product listing page to rank better for keywords

  • How to convert better and drive more sales with zero extra traffic

  • What’s working now to get more reviews on Amazon that’s 100% compliant

  • The most effective way to structure and scale your Amazon Sponsored Products PPC ad campaigns

  • The hottest markets to enter and products to sell now on Amazon

  • Today’s most powerful software tools to automate and scale your Amazon sales – and how to use them the right way. 

Brand Owners
  • How some of the biggest consumer brand success stories of today built their brands (to $100 million and beyond).
  • The latest strategies and tactics for scaling your brand on Amazon.
  • How to protect your brand and its reputation on Amazon so you can reap the rewards without any risk.
  • When and how to scale your sales on Amazon internationally.
  • How to tap into the exciting new world of selling your products in China.
  • Plus, learn how to scale outside of Amazon to diversify your brand’s sales.

SellerCon offers two attendee ticket types

Seller Access and Seller Experience. The Seller Access pass costs $1,200 and includes access to live streaming, slides, operating procedures and recordings from all speaker sessions, networking social and income level meet-ups, and secret meet-ups for guests staying at the Hilton Orlando. The Seller Experience costs $1,450 and includes everything in the Seller Access pass, in addition to three days of catered networking lunches with activities designed for business relationship development and access to subject matter experts and speakers, and access to other successful Amazon Sellers seeking to make connections with entrepreneurs. Amazon sellers who are unable to attend can instead purchase Livestream access. With this $397  option, buyers gain access to live streaming, standard operating procedures, recordings, and slides.

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