Survival and Self-Defense – Combat Fighter

Did you ever wish to learn skills that help you safeguard yourself and the ones you love? Have a busy time table and cannot spare time for practice?

What happens when you and your family are under attack by unknown strangers, or you face any critical situation? Did you come across the Amazing guide ‘SURVIVAL AND SELF-DEFENSE – COMBAT FIGHTER‘ and not sure whether it’s a scam or legit?

You might have many more questions but you will not be left with any doubt by the end of this article. This is just a kind of training kit that will keep you safe, and help you shield your family and the dear ones. This survival kit has various skills, techniques, and many ways to prevent any dangerous happening around you.

John Black is the one who created the survival guide and he is currently serving in the US army. With his training and experience, his guide teaches you to create a defense mechanism using easy and simple skills just by staying at your home.

What is a Combat Fighter?

Combat fighter is an interesting program that helps you become a fighter just by sitting idle on your couch. The guide is helpful for those who are ready to protect themselves and anyone in need despite the busy schedule.

It teaches simple techniques with skills that are similar to the ones taught in martial art. Just by the help of this electronic book, any individual can improve their fighting techniques.

The guide gets exciting as you keep going into it step by step. You learn a range of various methods from protecting yourself during an attack to save someone else. More so you will also learn about the details on how you can keep your body in excellent shape.

How does the program work?

Once you start the Combat fighter program, it will teach you some effective and effortless moves, but you must practice them as instructed. If done with carelessness you might even get yourself hurt.

You will learn several techniques such as The Center-Line strike, Surgical Strike, Blitz Blast, One and Drone concept, Force Hijack, Tipping Point concept, Third Eye awareness, and more. These methods are all field-tested in different parts and works just right in critical situations. 

What do you learn from Combat Fighter?

The Center-line Strike

A great way to instantly knock down your opponent; This is a kind of orthodox skill that allows you to make your opponent flat in a very peculiar manner. You will be able to use this quick handy and removal technique by retreating from anyone that attacks you.

Blitz Blast

In this section, you will get familiar with a devastating ability, and your opponent will be swamped in no time without causing any trouble. This method is foremost the best skill you will develop during the program.

Force Hijack

This technique allows you to use your opponent’s force against them. You can harness and deflect your attacker’s power effectively.

Surgical Strike

During this half, you will get to know different surgical strikes like Underhand Ocular Authority, i.e. to attack your rival instantly. It is quite unsettling neurologically and will leave you pretty disciplined. This method is useful when your opponent is a strong one.

One and Drone

The One and Drone method is made for you if you are not the type to carry out complicated skills. It eliminates a bulk of techniques and skills and helps you take down your opponent in a straightforward manner.

Tipping point Principle

The tipping point approach provides you with a superb technique in which you can know when and how to shift from a defensive position to an attack position.

Third Eye

If you master this technique, you will successfully become a virtual Jedi. This helps you understand the weaknesses of your enemy and brings you in the winning side.

PROS AND CONS Combat Fighter



  • Combat fighter improves your fight skills by providing your physical body and your family an additional shield. 
  • You cannot access this program offline or without internet access because it is only available online.
  • The cost of this electronic book is comparatively very low to any institute and the massive amount of benefit it offers.
  • Instructions are to be read and followed correctly, or you might lose the beneficial outcome, or the opposite might happen.
  • It is easier to practice according to your routine and maintain you and others living.
  • A lifetime advantage and warranty by learning it once so, try out every method and technique and master it.


Combat fighter being just an electronic book has the potential that is needed to coach the readers regarding combat skills. You can enhance and extend your protection levels by simply learning the methods described throughout the program in this guide. Moreover, the low-price, 60-days guarantee with your cash returned and bonus guide makes the product an ideal.

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