Convertkit Review : Best Marketing Automation Tool

What is Convertkit

The explorer of such a splendid invention is Nathan Barry who created ConvertKit truly out of his own need. However, in early 2013 Nathan desired to get out of selling one time info products and shape a business with periodic revenue. We can say long story short, he decided to build a tremendous email marketing tool that was easy to use.

After an immense struggle of 3 years, he made his dream real. As it wasn’t an overnight success, it took a huge learning curve. Due to this, ConvertKit was making around $125,000 a month in recurrent revenue.

Reasons for switching of Online Creators To ConvertKit

1. Sharing right offers to the right people

ConvertKit categorizes your subscribers based on tags rather than lists on providers like AWeber. This reason make it quite user friendly and cost effective when you are planning to add a number of your subscribers for an occasion or a product.

On other hand lets take an example of providers like AWeber, in order to create new lists you have to bear more cost. Using ConvertKit, you can tag email subscribers on the basis of their approach like their deeds and comforts.

2. Improvement in email deliverability rate

Deliverability is basically the ratio of the number of email addresses actually the subscribers, that receives your email compared to the quantity that you sent it to.

Every email provider tries his best to avoid bounce. i.e when you send an email to an individual and it fails to deliver to desired email address. Bounce use to be of two types, a soft bounce occurs when recipient fails to receive email due to full inbox, on other hand or a hard bounce occurs due to an error. Online creators consider deliverability as #1 concern.

Factors affecting deliverability:

Subscribers engaging with your emails.

Sending to fake recipients having fake email address make your reputation weak in front of ISPs and might harm your deliverability.

How to Improve deliverability?

    Consistently clear email lists to eliminate inactive email addresses.


    Try to avoid buying email lists as majority of the email addresses are suspicious.


    To avoid your emails falling in spam folder, try to make light deign.


    Use simple designs or no design at all to avoid your emails reaching to spam or the promotions tab.


    Use attractive captions to engage your subscribers.


    Use dual opt-in for subscribers.

No one can gaurantee the exact deliverability rate for any email marketing software as deliverability is dependent on factors like the content you’re sharing with your subscribers.

As per a recent test to check the deliverability of various services, ‘EmailToolTester’ conducted a series of tests like sending similar emails using different tools, ConvertKit appeared to be the top with an average deliverability of 92.1%.

However there is no 100% assurance on the deliverability of ConvertKit emails. But it assures you that ConvertKit takes deliverability very seriously and are further taking various initiatives to make sure your emails land in your desired destination.

Low rate of deliverability is definitely something no one should like it, as when emails fail to reach its proposed recipients are bad for business.

As you are losing money on two fronts: the amount that an individual pay to email service provider (ESP) turn into a waste and you will surely lose good profits from your subscribers.

One of the main reason for switching of ‘When Pat Flynn’ from Infusionsoft to ConvertKit, was that majority of his subscribers were not getting his emails. He was sending them consistently but they failed to reach them.

3. Unparalleled customer care service

ConvertKit comes with best sales service support through live chat and email. They also make sure the provision of video tutorials and other relevant supporting documentation.

The supporting documentation will guide you about most activities that you might want to perform on the email software. It contains frequently asked questions (FAQs) by end users and relevant answers to them.

In majority cases, you will not feel any desire for customer support agents with the documentation. But in case you find it confusing, feel free to contact using live chat option that is always available.

How to get yourself register for ConvertKit

30 days free trial: ConvertKit is offering a free trial of 30 days which is applicable for up to 1000 subscribers but for availing such an opportunity, you just have to register on the website. You initially need to enter your email address and your desired password.


You will come across the dashboard after signing up on the website where you can perceive the features and functions.

Account approval is necessary 

You can go through all the features like tags, sequences, and broadcasts. Afterwards, you will be able to start building funnels. In ConvertKit, the primary task is that you have to approve your account if you want to send emails to your subscribers.

How to approve your account 

For this purpose, you are required to send your blog link to ConvertKit before you can approve your account. They need to check your blog just to make sure that you have a real platform.

Tutorial on account related steps

At the right side of the page, you will find a checklist that entails a tutorial on how you can accomplish important actions regarding your account.

Packages and Pricing

When you approach 7500 users, then the pricing on ConvertKit turns out to be pretty clear. The pricing is as:

1000 subscribers 

The charges are $29 per month for up to 1000 subscribers.

3000 subscribers 

The charges are $39/month for up to 3,000 subscribers.

5000 subscribers 

The charges are $79/month for up to 5,000 subscribers.

10,000 subscribers 

The charges are $119/month for up to 10,000 subscribers.

20,000 subscribers 

The charges are $179/month for up to 20,000 subscribers.

35,000 subscribers 

The charges are $259/month for up to 35,000 subscribers.

50,000 subscribers 

The charges are $379/month for up to 50,000 subscribers.

100,000 subscribers 

The charges are $679/month for up to 100,000 subscribers.


ConvertKit is well-knownfor its integration tools. As they automatically integrate with lots of tools. This fundamentally means that you can practice the ConvertKit API and plug it into a 3rd party tool. The leads will get pulled in “magically” to your account and you can start drip campaigns without your contribution.

You can also avail a proper list of integrations that is placed on ConvertKit website. If there doesn’t exist a direct integration, still  you have a lot of other combinations like they integrate with Zapier..

Frequently Asked Questions

How virtuous is the customer support?

They offer a live chat option that I have used. Due to which I found the customer support is certainly good. If they are not accessible via live chat, you can email them and they typically get back in a pretty timely manner. I didn’t find any big issues with the support.

Can they help you in migrating from old service provider?

Yes of course, they will transfer all of your subscribers for you, but they will also facilitate by creating all the forms you need and place on your website as needed in order to make certain your transition over is actually smooth. They will also transfer any campaigns that you had on your old provider so that you don’t have to recreate them manually.

What is the price comparison relative to other email tools?

The pricing is pretty similar. Some options might be cheaper as there are hundreds of options out there but there are absolutely much more expensive options.

How several lead magnets can I generate and distribute through ConvertKit?

You can make unlimited number of lead magnets or downloads that ConvertKit will deliver impeccably to your customers. The way they have everything set up makes it truly easy to have dozens (or more) of freebies that lead to the exact same list if you want.

Does ConvertKit entails options aimed at single or double opt-in?

Certainly, when you generate your opt-in forms you have the option to involve that the subscriber get a verification email first before they are added to your list. Single opt-in is probable to lead to more overall subscribers, but double opt-in is expected to lead to more confirmed or verified subscribers.

Is ConvertKit worth the cost?

I’ve been using email automation tools since a long time, and I’m a contented customer of ConvertKit. I think the cost of an email marketing tool is an essential expense for an online business, and ConvertKit is a great opportunity at a fair price.


At the end of such an amazing writing, ConvertKit is a great email and marketing automation tool that contains all the features that a serious blogger and business owner would need to help automate their business.

With an unlimited amount of campaigns and lead forms that you can create and an easy to use interface, you can spend more time growing your business than worrying about how to make your email provider “work”.

The best part is that you can start a 14 day free trial (with no credit card required) so you can check out what ConvertKit looks like from inside.

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