GetResponse Review (2019) : Does its key features really beat others?


GetResponse publicize itself as the “Worlds Easiest Email Marketing”.

I would have to agree with its brilliant features as it entails new Autoresponder 2.0 features. I in actuality like what GetResponse have prepared to update it in recent times, and I currently judge it the most well rounded autoresponder in this whole roundup.

How to get started with GetResponse?

In order to get started with GetResponse, which is dead simple as it offers you a free 30 day trial and you need not to pull out your credit card. Hurrah! You just have to sign up and go.

Interface friendly: The primary thing you will become aware of is that the interface is very friendly to use. An additional feature is having lots of big buttons plus the site is easy to navigate.

Powerful web editor: GetResponse's web form editor is pretty powerful, along with on equivalence with Aweber's. The whole thing is entirely customizable and there is abundance of templates to prefer from as a starting point.

Email builder: With very little effort, the email builder makes it unproblematic to generate great looking html emails. You can pick and choose from unlike email layouts to initiate with and drag and drop modules as you require them. GetResponse has also amalgamated with IStockPhoto so you can have an access to high quality stock images to take account of your emails.

Where GetResponse really stands out?

You have an option to select from six different autoresponder types which are named as:

    Time based

Other types can be utilized in special situations whereas time based is the only one you are used to. For example, let’s say throw out an email blast that comprises of a link to your most recent blog post in which you talks about your upcoming product launch. By selecting a click based autoresponder, you can automatically have GetResponse that will send out a follow up email to only those people who clicked the link in your email.

In view of the fact that you are sending e-mails only to your subscribers who have shown interest, you are confident to perceive higher conversions. And conversely you are not hassling with the rest of your list who hasn't specified an interest in your fresh product launch.

Best management-Time based Autoresponders: GetResponse also has the finest management concerned for your standard time based autoresponders. Here you are offered with a graphical calendar view regarding all your follow-ups so you can make out exactly when and where each follow up will be sent. I am really impressed by the email previews as they have given it a very nice touch.

Drag to see current stats: You can drag emails just about and you can perceive the current stats for each email. It's entirely instinctive and makes setting up your follow up series very easy to deal with.

Why recommending GetResponse?

It used to be hard to recommend GetResponse as it lacked any marketing automation capabilities. Well, not anymore although. Now GetResponse is at that stage where it can offer marketing automations similar to what ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit recommends.

There's an entirely featured drag and drop visual automation editor that permits you to simply wire conditions like triggers as well as actions collectively. It supports tagging and it also has an additional feature like lead scoring which is very cool.

GetResponse price scenario: GetResponse is very good price wise and it is cheaper than every autoresponder service in our roundup. You can also acquire an additional 18% GetResponse markdown if you did purchase a yearly subscription rather than monthly subscription.

What are the Pros related to GetResponse?

    It has powerful as well as flexible autoresponder features.
    Split testing is very easy to use.
    You will experience a customizable form along with message builders.
    It is providing its customers with the best value in comparison to its price ratio.
    What is the GetResponse Cons?
    Its marketing automations are still not as influential and powerful as ActiveCampaign.


An 18 year old polish man created an email marketing program back in 1998 to bring a change in the digital world forever. The creator was Simon Grabowski, and that year he named his company Implix with GetResponse as the main product. GetResponse later become the company’s official name in year 2014, an indication that the flagship product would be the main spotlight going forward.

GetResponse is serving in 182 countries with more than 350,000 paying customers around the globe and reports over 1 billion subscribers every month.

A brief overview of GetResponse

GetResponse has spent more than 15 years in the industry to become one of the easiest to use platforms for following features:

    Generating along with tracking email campaigns
    Creating landing pages
    Creating marketing automation that facilitates you to individual target customers through information that’s pertinent and precious to them

Awards: The Company has won numerous awards and has been featured on CNN, Huffington Post and Forbes among many other media outlets


GetResponse offers a range of premium plans, that are named as Email, Pro, Max and Enterprise. There’s also a free plan that you can strive for 30 days and build an email list of up to 250 subscribers.


When we talk about features, GetResponse offers a lot of useful functions. Some features are merely available with specific plans. The following are the key features to look ahead from this autoresponder program despite of the package that you prefer to settle for:


The role of autoresponder is to provide you facility of messages that will be sent out automatically in GetResponse. How you set up autoresponder? As its mechanism is based on certain factors. Now take an example, you can specify date on which to send out newsletters or you can even transmit particular promotional messages to subscribers on their birthdays.


An email creation tool is featured out by GetResponse just like most email-marketing systems. The purpose of the email creator or editor is permitting you to compose messages either from scratch or you can also choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates.

GetResponse Email creator features: Some other versatile features that come with the GetResponse Email Creator incorporate of following:

    The ability to edit HTML code
    Preview the message before sending
    Spam checker tool is also accessible
    Once you have finished creating your email message, you can transmit or broadcast the message right away to selected contacts.

Time travel feature: Instead, you can make use of the time travel feature to launch messages at a later time. This tool helps to segments contacts through time zone and then delivers messages when recipients are expected to check their mail.


GetResponse is also offering an additional tool with an added cost namely the landing page creator. You can select the page of your own choice for hosting on a GetResponse subdomain or it can be on a different server of your preffered one. This landing page creator is as well perceptive. After using this, users are capable to edit page elements with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools.


If you have a desire to try different newsletters, you can utilize GetResponse to run a series of tests that will assist you to send out the most effective messages to contacts. This can only possible through A/B split tests that allow you to try out subject line variants, email content, time of sending, along with many other factors.


Whenever you post a new article, it will be automatically sent to your blog audience through a message, and this feature is termed as RSS to email feature. By making use of this feature appropriately, one can increase readership as well as it can also boost engagement and conversions.

What you see is what you get

What does WYSIWYG means? GetResponse form builder is a simple WYSIWYG interface i.e., what you see is what you get with drag-and-drop elements, a lot like the landing page and email creators. It’s a vast tool for creating sign-up forms for Facebook plus websites.


For instance, you can use advanced segmentation to divide contacts into separate or overlapping subgroups, and then build targeted email marketing campaigns designed for relevant engagement and conversion. What else you want. Get Response also permits you to import contacts from third-party apps or share surveys with members on your mailing list.


The Email creator of GetResponse contains more than 500 templates. You can use the editor to create highly visual emails that are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.

You can also edit the HTML code to design forms to customize further.

An example of GetResponse’s online marketing email templates

However the editing features for snaps or photos are not very much advanced but still it enable you to experience a drag-and-drop toolbar that can contain images and buttons in your email messages. GetResponse’s email creator also offers the option to save elements as snippets for later use. Those Users that are aware about their passage around HTML can code/design their desired templates as well.


There are tools that acquire your great attention in order to get a preview of how email messages will appear different on mobile, various email client programs and desktop devices. The Inbox Preview feature is such a fantastic addition for such who pay great attention to detail.

You can also run a “spam check” scan before sending the message. This gives a spam score after detecting elements that may get your messages flagged as spam.


One of the most important offerings of GetResponse is their marketing automation. This enables you to easily create “if-then” rules for a series of email communications. Despite of getting same message regardless of their behavior, they will collect messages (that will be created by you in advance) which will be responsive to their behavior.

In case, a receiver who does not log in to his email for 2 weeks, could receive a dissimilar follow-up message than one who did.

Using these easy flow-chart like tools, you can win back customers, identify leads, send persuasive messaging to individuals that abandon carts in your online store, create qualification actions that trigger subsequent messages and much more.


Although I have seen a handful of negative reviews on the web but the customer support service from GetResponse is usually good. GetResponse won the 2013 Bronze Stevie Award in the following categories:

  1. Customer service team of the year,
  2. Customer service department of the year
  3. Best use of technology in customer support
  4. Innovation in customer service

The company’s support resources are as follows:


We can get in touch with GetResponse’s support team through phone i.e., weekdays and timing is from 9 am to 5 pm EST. Instead live chat and email support are available 24/7/365.


The GetResponse Learning Center also constitutes of plenty of helpful resources, like 1-3 minute video tutorials plus searchable FAQs in addition to downloadable whitepapers, manuals along with reports.


Live Webinars helps to instruct users on different aspects of using the GetResponse autoresponder along with email marketing in general.


Most online marketers like to hang out on social media, so GetResponse takes customer support and its support team occasionally responds to comments and questions on Facebook.


GetResponse share tips and discuss trending topics every week by publishing blog posts on its site in the email-marketing scene. Basically, the blog offers great support for those who feel like to keep up with the latest trends in email marketing.


Email Analytics: it is possible to measure your campaigns success or deficiencies with GetResponse reporting tools. The Email Analytics page creates a few basic reports regarding your email campaign and displays all your stats on a single page.

The tracking tools record the following aspects

    It will tell you that how many people open your emails
    How many of them have unsubscribed from the campaign
    The complains done by the users
    How many clicks the link gets.
    You can even make line and bar graphs detailing key metrics like bounce and click-through rates.

Google Analytics integration: GetResponse recommends its own tracking code that you can implant on certain web pages to track conversions, downloads, or other events. The tracking tool supports Google Analytics integration too.

Getresponse pricing

There are four Getresponse plans:

Basic: Starting at $15 per month to send an unlimited number of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers

Plus: Starting at $49 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers

Professional: It starts from $99 per month less than or equal to 1,000 subscribers

Enterprise: It begins with $1,199 per month for those exceeding 100,000

As you add more subscribers to your list, the costs increase. At the top end of the scale, you can expect to pay $450, $499 or $580 per month to host a list with 100,000 subscribers in it on the ‘Basic’, ‘Plus’ and ‘Professional’ plans.

With regard to the “Enterprise” plan, exact pricing depends on requirements and list size — if you're interested in the “Enterprise” plan, you'll need to contact Getresponse to schedule a demo, outline your needs and discuss pricing.

Significant discounts are available if you pay upfront for 12 or 24 months of service (18% and 30% respectively) — it is worth noting that these are considerably more generous than most competing platforms.

So, is GetResponse any good?


  • 1 month free trial (no credit card required) for a list of up to 250 subscribers.
  • Import contacts from third-party address books such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and Magento.
  • Contrasting with Campaigner, it does not bound customer with any email sending limits.
  • Easy-to-use tracking tool with Google Analytics integration.
  • Comprehensive help library with plenty of resources.
  • Top notch, award-winning customer support service.

Landing page creator: This is an additional email services, you might hardly found such kind of service anywhere by any typical email service provider.


  • No refunds on annual plans upon cancellation.
  • Landing pages are not free. However, this isn’t a requirement to sign up for the autoresponder packages.


GetResponse comes with plenty of fruitful increases the expectations of customers, that they can expect from an email marketing service provider. There are a lot of unique features that make GetResponse stand out, not least of which are the landing page creator and the ability to engage your contacts through live webinars.

For those looking to save money with long-term subscription plans, GetResponse’s lack of a refund policy on annual plans may be a bit of a turnoff. Though it still offers very competitively basis.

Best feature among all is the provision of wealth of features that can meet requirements of both small and large email marketing campaigns.

If you want to find out whether this email marketing platform is worth your hard-earned money, then sign up for the 30-day free trial to evaluate the product for yourself.

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