Helium 10 Review

An In-depth Review

People considered Amazon selling products as a revenue generation source. What we found online, multiple success stories which encourage starting Amazon FBA to become successful entrepreneur.

No doubt selling online and be a success is possible but it is rather more confusing and tiring job to explore some basics and get them fixed in time to cut the crop in time.

Wow! it is much easier now with Helium 10 …. excited! I am actually excited to share my personal experience with this new and beneficial product  that not only “Product Optimization Tool” but also helps to get target customers and make money out of a successful Amazon FBA startup.

This new helium 10 review will help the new entrepreneurs who want to launch new product and get themselves involve with the optimization of their idea and product to reach the maximum customer.

Through this you can not only complete the challenges but also find winning ideas that are impressive and help to build brand image and get your potential customers intact with you through Amazon.

As well as you can get the better idea or understanding about the policy changes by Amazon and you can learn how to be a part of those successful entrepreneurs who are now making millions on selling products online.

What is helium 10?

Start selling with Amazon necessarily need complete product research that will help to stand out in the competitive market and a person gets success out of its selling.

Helium 10 is advanced software that is featured to help the new startups who want to start with selling on Amazon. It is featured with product idea evaluation, keyword research, optimize product listing as well as provide assistance to track your success with online selling.

By using this tool you can evaluate product idea that you are going to launch on Amazon and get complete insight about market and its scope.

It is called helium 10 because it is coming up with 10 different impressive features, from which five or six are highly in demand and usually people use them frequently.

Features of Helium 10 

Helium 10 offered remarkable and beneficial features to a person who is new with Amazon and want to earn millions by selling products online.

New Product ideas 

With this new and advanced pack of helium 10 you can find out more about the products and ideas that are competitive and you will grab the audience and consumers quickly.

It provides keyword research, all you need is to get one keyword and put it into the search bar and it will show up the results that help to find out the ratio of competitors available in the market with the same product idea as well as you can get the feasibility to be successful with this concept.

With this unique keyword featuring you can find out more about potential market, their choices, priorities and to customize your product range and variety for near future.

Score results and evaluate 

You can run 10 results on Cerebro for a day, you can make a score results that will rate and evaluate the keyword according to the volume of search as well as products that usually have high rate of order placement and delivery.

As well as you can get the right and exact search volume of that particular keyword. In this score you can view the competing products of same nature or the competitor one.

Build a keyword list and select product

With helium 10 you can easily find out about the high research keywords with respect to volume. This will lead you to have your own keyword list that further is utilized for the optimization as well.

Helium 10 not only saves the time to spend on finding the one appropriate option as well as it helps to keep things streamlined. You can refine your product idea and endorse it well to capture the consumer interest into it.

Helium 10 assists you from the start till end includes shipping arrangements, product nature, manufacturing and delivery cost, and any other aspects play role in the success of selling product on Amazon. Helium 10 is a complete-featured product for the Amazon FBA business setup.

How much is helium 10?

Helium 10 is a complete package for the product research and its implementation. It provides help and assistance by ‘assessment of the product’ and ‘search required keywords’ which plays an important role in optimization of a brand and its product for the consumers.

Helium 10 cover all the steps starting from launching products and goes along with the future development and coming opportunities as well.

You can track keywords that make your product on priority search. You can  keep an eye on the competitor’s policy and strategies. As well as create or optimize your list with the search engine.

Users of Helium 10 are more than satisfied and they acknowledge the success and benefits of the package.

The pricing of helium 10 is coming up with different subscription plans as well as it is available for free, but in free version you can only access 20 limited keywords. The quantity and quality of keywords package depends on the plan that you are going to choose.

Helium 10 subscription plan:
  • First, free subscription is available – track only 20 keywords
  • A la Carte monthly plan starts with $17 – $ 97 – track up to 2,500 keywords
  • Platinum monthly subscription is available in $97 – track 2,500 keywords
  • Diamond monthly subscription is available with $197 – track 5,000 keywords

If you choose A la Carte monthly subscription plan then you can add 20 keywords on your requirement, and every 20 additional keywords will cost you $57 per month.

Helium 10 features with subscription plans:
  • Black box – for product research
  • Magnet – keyword combination
  • Cerebro – find out competitor’s keyword policy
  • Frankenstein – for Amazon keyword processing
  • Xray – provide chrome extension of product research
  • Keyword tracker
  • Index checker

Helium 10 is one of the popular and effective Amazon selling instructors that is an appropriate choice for the new entrepreneurs who want to get started with the new idea and get revenue out of selling on Amazon.

Helium 10 review provides information that it is a good option but there are multiple other alternatives also available with some effective features. For a newbie helium 10 with these multiple features is a good option.

With black box you can track out more than 450 million products and their database in few seconds, as well as it provides you quick solution to filter the one product that will go well in the competitive market.

Black Box Helium 10

On the other hand, helium 10 feature ,Xray browser is a chrome extension you can add it on the search engine. It has the Amazon product research feature as well as provide competitors insight. You can find out and validate the potential product opportunity. It will provide ethical source to track the product search.

As well as with Cerebro you can identify and drive the refined keyword research as well as estimate the keyword search volume and potential. That will lead you to make your own product optimization strategy and your personal customized keywords list.

What is BSR Amazon?

BSR is known as Amazon bestseller rank which depends on the sales of the product. Amazon drags out the particular products historical sales data to find out about the specific product and rank them accordingly.

What is BSR Amazon

It has a complete updated optimized list that provides product listing with multiple pages. 

You can search a particular product for your new start-up or sell on Amazon by looking detailed insight into that list as well.

The eligibility of a product for a best seller rank depends upon the number of recent sales and historical sales data and Amazon checks its relativity with the other products sales data in the same category.

The product category is defined by the Amazon server and management system. If your product is listed in that BSR category that means you are successfully grabbing the consumers with your product and sales strategy.

Getting a higher ranking does not need a lot of time on the site instead it is your strategy which will decide your ranking with the Amazon FBA system. 

Evaluating system does not depend on the new or old listing of the products, but it is about the average number of sales through Amazon.

If you want to get higher rank on the BSR list, then it is important for you to have the best-selling strategy. So if you are not getting it right now just change your strategy a bit to get good results.

With the help of helium 10, you can locate and get the best research keywords to make yourself available for the buyers.

You can also get the opportunity to know about a competitor’s keyword placement strategy.

By applying the successful implementation of your strategy with the help of  helium 10 it is quite possible to get the higher place in Amazon Best selling rank.

Final Word

I am personally using helium 10 for the last 4 months, I am an old seller on Amazon with many successful products but this package helped me a lot in finding the keywords and their placement to make myself in the priority search option for my customers.

In the nutshell I strongly recommend you to at least test it and I bet you will not be able to ever leave it for your later business. I am looking forward to share your helium 10 experiences, so come back later and share your ideas and about your experiences that how it helped you to promote your business on Amazon FBA.

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