How to Guest Post for High Traffic Blogs

The Art of Guest Posting: the way to Guest Post for top Traffic Blogs

If you’ve been keeping a journal long enough, it seems that you’ve detected the term “guest blogging” thrown around tons, particularly as the way to make your audience. once it’s done properly, writing a guest post for somebody else’s journal will facilitate to draw in a lot of traffic to your journal, provide you with a stronger name as Associate in Nursing knowledgeable within the field, and create your journal easier to seek out with search engines.

All of these edges sound pretty fantastic, however, the most factor to listen to is doing it PROPERLY.

The amount of effort you set into every step of the guest posting method directly relates to what quantity you’ll expect to achieve from it.



So, you’ve determined you would like to start out promoting yourself on different blogs. currently what? Before you begin writing posts, you would like to appear for opportunities that may assist you to accomplish your set goals. verify what it’s you would like to achieve from guest posting, like higher traffic, trade authority, or backlinking.

Without shaping your goals you have got no points of comparison for potential blogs, going you at higher risk of doing tons of labor for little payoff.

Now that you simply have a plan concerning what you would like to induce out of the entire expertise, it’s time to look around for places to share your data, content, and stories. rather like once you’re finding out employment, it’s necessary that you simply listen to WHO you’re gazing and what they have.

While guest posting provides you tons of advantages, you can’t specialize in yourself. examine fashionable blogs in your field with Associate in the Nursing engaged audience and see what reasonably price you’ll supply to them. nobody is going to be willing to think about your guest posts unless they stand to achieve from them yet.

Your best shot at guest posting can most likely come back from blogs that have a history of acceptive different posts, therefore once you’re narrowing down your potentialities make certain you hunt for this type of data.

Doing a fast hunt for “your niche guest posting” or similar (replacing “your keyword” with a relevant keyword to your industry) can provide you with an excellent list to start out with, showing blogs that are requesting guest posts, have accepted them within the past, or have given tips on what they’re going to take into account and what they won’t.

Here are some samples of what you’ll be looking out for:

Niche keyword + write for the USA

Niche keyword + guest post

Keyword + Guest blogger wished

Keyword +guest blogging chance

Keyword + guest blogging tips

Here’s a fast Google Search – I found pages upon pages of internet sites receptive guest posting – and this works in barely concerning ANY NICHE!

write for uswrite for us


Just as if you were making an attempt to create somebody buy-in to a business plan, you would like to pitch your guest post ideas to the journal homeowners you chose. some things {to consider|to think concerning|to contemplate} about plan pitching:

-Make yourself far-famed.

Asking to be a guest poster while not the person knowing WHO you’re would be as silly as walking into the closest station and asking to talk to their listeners. journal homeowners are sometimes protecting their audience and also the quality of their info, therefore if you would like the most effective likelihood of success you ought to begin participating them before creating a pitch.

Connect to them through social media, link back to a number of their articles, post within the comment sections of their journal, etc. try this before you even send your pitch, so that they can have some plan of WHO you really are. (I try this all the time with John Chow, Neil Patel et al – be careful guys I’m coming!) ??

-Know Who you’re a rebuke.

There’s no reason to deal with your pitch to Associate in Nursing anonymous person. Learn the owner’s name from their journal, social media accounts, or elsewhere and use it after you address them in a very guest post pitch.

-Don’t go into blind.

Check to envision if the journal owner features a list of tips for guest posts. they will detail what they require from your pitch. Some folks need you to send a top-level view of your post whereas others would like you to send some rough ideas for them to decide on from. no matter they provoke, do it. If you don’t, they will not even take into account you.

-Offer one thing helpful.

Above all else, keep in mind that guest posting isn’t for you. whereas you stand to profit from it within the huge image, you have got to point out that you simply will offer them some type of price yet. Why would anyone permit you to jot down a post for them if they didn’t suppose it might facilitate more their own goals as well? Relevant, well-written content could be a should.



In order to actually get your name out there, you would like to seek out blogs that have tons of traffic. Not all blogs are equal, therefore whereas each post you write can assist you in a technique or another, writing for a lot of fashionable and frequently visited blogs comes with a lot of blessings. Here are some ideas to assist you to create use of higher opportunities:

-Be an excellent guest.

Every time you post on somebody else’s journal, take the time to market that post to your readers, answer comments, and observe different behaviors that may bring attention to their journal. You’ll become tons a lot of fashionable journal homeowners after you create yourself helpful like this, which can earn you a recommendation or Associate in Nursing introduction to a different journal owner WHO you’ll guest for yet.

-Allow guest posts on you0r journal.

When you were young, you most likely were tutored concerning the golden rule of doing to others as you would like them to try to to to you. you may get much more possibilities to guest after you permit others to post on your journal yet.

-Be a frequent guest poster.

In order to point out high traffic journal homeowners that you simply arable to offer them solid content, followup comments, and impressive promotion, you would like to possess another post for them to envision. after they hunt for your name, they ought to notice posts on various different blogs. If you merely ever write for your own website, don’t expect high traffic journal homeowners to have an interest in no matter you have got to supply.


Guest blogging could be a specialized thanks to unfolding your name around, build a much bigger audience, and gain a stronger name in your field. If you would like to try to it right, you have got to seek out fashionable blogs to post thereon can more your functions. In general, a lot of traffic that journal has, a lot of you’ll get out of the expertise.

This post is honestly a really high-level summary of the method, however, what I’ve shared on top of is 100 percent enough to induce you started too.

It’s NOT laborious, simply make certain you offer them the most effective potential content you’ll. Write it yourself, get hold of an honest author, don’t be an inexpensive ass and you’ll be invited to jot down a lot of for them!

I REALLY hope you enjoyed this post – let Pine Tree State recognize if you have got any questions!

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