One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge is a quick learning interactive course which keeps its users on toes towards success. One Funnel Away Challenge as the name suggests is a challenge of the authors to their users for not being successful if they follow the given path.

One Funnel Away Challenge review

One Funnel Away Challenge is a quick learning interactive course which keeps its users on toes towards success. One Funnel Away Challenge as the name suggests is a challenge of the authors to their users for not being successful if they follow the given path.

People easily get over whelmed, when they are new to Clickfunnel. Some very easy going people may feel it a little difficult at first try.

But, after knowing a little bit they will easily know how to get going. Afterwards you will have absolutely no doubts at all about, how exactly to use it to take your business to the next level. I am not saying that it is very hard to understand but it’s somehow requires a little bit of practice.

How to use One Funnel Away Challenge?

There are so many ways to use click funnels, for example selling your own product, creating funnels for clients or promoting it as an affiliate. 

So it becomes hard for people to choose between these three things that’s why you have seen many people in Facebook groups of click funnels asking which of them is the best and most profitable.

So the answer to this question is ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE. 

Is the one funnel away challenge worth it?

This course have been purchased by me three times quite recently and it really changed my business. In this review, I am going to tell you what you will actually get from this challenge and how it will help you.

Introduction to One Funnel Away Challenge

It’s a 30 days program, where you will be guided by 3 mentors Russell Branson, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian on how to launch your first funnel.

The whole course consist of 5 modules for 5 weeks long lessons.

Russell obviously, is the co-founder of ClickFunnels and the videos of him in the challenge are focused on telling you the right procedure and the reason of that days task.

Julie Stoian, who is a Millionaire business woman, is the 2nd guide. Her videos are focused on teaching the right procedure of doing business. She does so by guiding each step in her videos to teach you how to execute what Russell tries to explain.

And at last, the 3rd teacher is Stephen Larsen. He guides through live group calls and basically evaluates your progress. If you know Stephen from any of his podcasts, you’d be familiar with his energetic personality that makes things all the more fun.

The first week which is going to be the pre-training to make your mind ready for the upcoming challenges.

In next 4 weeks you will get links of lessons in your inbox. It is very important to follow all these links step by step or in order to understand it completely. You will also get homework to do so they can assure, you are exactly doing, what you learn.

Things you will learn from one funnel away challenge

Here’s a map to guide you about challenge

Inside funnel hacker community , one funnel away challenge is hosted. And the best thing about this platform is you can interact with your fellow OFA participants and in this way you can also get help to complete your daily challenges.

Reasons why I got one funnel away challenge thrice 

So last November, I have bought one funnel away challenge  (hard copy) for $100.The book has a set of instructions by 30 winners of “Two Comma Club”, who were given the task to rebuild their businesses all over again after losing everything, they had to create a start-up from nothing.And it was really an amazing book. Oh! did I forget to tell the interesting thing?

Apart from this 30 day challenge, I got daily emails about my daily missions which I had to do but my lazy ass didn’t do it! lol.

But when I got time I saw all videos. I remember the first one which was named as “ offer hacking” and it was really an eye opening video. I learned so many things from these videos. Aah! did you know at the end of the 30 days all videos will be taken off.

So, here I am going to tell some of the lessons which I remember from one funnel away challenge and that are totally worth it.

         First mission of week 1: offer hacking I found this mission quite difficult. In this mission I had to check what other famous businesses are doing by viewing their ads  on Facebook or on any other social site.

  • What’s particularly interesting about this lesson is that it applied the idea of Chrome Extension that I had been thinking about.

    Fourth mission of week 1: the lost art of the visual I always had an idea that designs are important. As I am not a designer, so I have never paid much attention to it. So, this lesson tells the importance of designs to stand out in the market.
  • So, that’s exactly what I did, I hired a designer to make designs for me. So my funnel may look more appealing.

    Second mission of week 2: the epiphany bridge I already knew about this because I had read expert secrets book. But I have never implemented this.This lesson hit me really hard that I really started incorporating stories in whatever I wrote.
  • So I’ve been practicing a lot from then and now you guys may  have noticed that I add stories in my every writing.
  • This 30 day challenge really changed my mind. I was doing so many mistakes and blunders in selling my product but one funnel away challenge guided me.
  • Second edition of this book was launched in January and guess what? Who immediately bought it again? Oh yes, it’s me because I didn’t want to lose my hands on this great book.
  •  I admit that I bought this book second time because of that cool one funnel away challenge kit.
  • And third time? Lol and third time I purchased this book just to get my hands on Amazon affiliate boot camp offer.

Other things you will get from this challenge

One of the things that Russell always do and teaches is bonus stack and you will see this in one funnel away challenge.

You will get a very beautiful physical package challenge kit on your door step. I was really excited when I got my kit because that design really attracted me a lot.

Isn’t it beautiful?

So these are the things you will find inside the package.

A hard copy of 30 days challenge this book consist of 550 pages and will guide you how to start over again if you have lost everything. This book is really breath taking and very informative.

You will also get spiral bound workbook of one funnel away challenge

Inside this book you will find a list of your daily tasks. This notebook will help you to complete your daily challenges. There is also a lot of space to note down your ideas and links of videos of daily challenges.

You will also find an MP3 player inside the package. All the daily trainings by Russell Branson, and all the live sessions by Stephen that he did during first challenge are recorded inside this Mp3 player. And the best thing is you can listen these recordings anytime anywhere.

Price of one funnel away challenge

One funnel away challenge will cost you $100 and if you also want challenge kit then you have to pay for shipping too. If you live in US shipping will cost $19.95 and if you live outside the US it will cost you $29.95 .

You can also get digital form of OFA, but it doesn’t have kit.

Is there any guarantee available?

Yes money back guarantee is available if you return the challenge kit with in 30 days of it’s arriving. You will get your $100 back. But I think it’s stupid thing to do because shipping have already cost you so many dollars.

Does OFA have any affiliate program?

Yes it has an affiliate program. I guess it is the best affiliate program I’ve ever come across because it gives 100% commission. You can literally cover up forth money you have paid for your own challenge kit.

All you have to do is sell one OAF kit to someone and get your $100 back.It is very easy to sell as it is the best clickfunnels training.

Final thoughts

I will strongly recommend you one funnel away challenge kit. Because it’s very informative. It will help you to create a best funnel to earn a lot of money. I had so many great moments while reading it. I immediately applied all the lessons to create a best funnel.

It may be expensive for some people but it totally worth it. Get your hands on this amazing one funnel away challenge kit as soon as possible and learn the best ways to create a best funnel and earn money by affiliating with it.

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