Prominently acquired will give you the tools you need to navigate your M&A.

Toolkit Features

Explore Our Toolkit Features for Informed Decision-Making

Organization chart generation

Visualize your company’s structure effortlessly for streamlined decision-making.

Company culture overview

Shape and understand your company’s culture easily for a positive work environment.

Key business unit identification

Identify crucial business units with clarity for optimal performance.

Market size assessment

Quickly analyze your target market for informed business decisions.


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Customer’s Testimonials

As I have become more and more hands off on my company and my son and our management team has taken over we wanted to explore options to buy me out of the company. Promoinently Acquired was able to help us do an assessment of our organization and put a plan in place so that we could work with a Private Equity group and secure our companies future. I would reccomend working with them, we learned a lot about our organization. 

Al K.


We were recently apporacted by a Private Equity group about buying our company as part of a roll up. Before accepting their offer we signed up for Prominently Acquired. After auditing our own company and working through the assessment we were able to counter the initial offer and get a much more favorable price for our stakes in the company. I would highly recommend using prominently acquired to inform your self of your companies value before making any decisions.  

Brian S.


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